Product Info
  • Input:100-240V / 50-60Hz
  • Voltage-Electric current-Output Power: 19V-3.95A-75W
  • Plug Type: 5.5mm / 2.5mm no Pin
  • Color: Black
  • Condition: New, Original
  • Package included:
  • 1 x Toshiba Charger
  • 1 x AU-PLUG Cable


Compatible Model:

  • H000004430 Toshiba, H000007080 Toshiba, H000007060 Toshiba, H000007090 Toshiba, K000040290 Toshiba, PA-1750-09 Toshiba, H000011990 Toshiba, K000034040 Toshiba, PA3432U-1ACA Toshiba, H000016350 Toshiba, K000040250 Toshiba, PA3715E-1AC3 Toshiba, H000007070 Toshiba, H000004400 Toshiba, PA3715U-1ACA Toshiba, A000014010 Toshiba, H000013210 Toshiba, PA5034U-1ACA Toshiba, A000019780 Toshiba, PA3516E-1AC3 Toshiba, H000004410 Toshiba, P000556580 Toshiba, P000538720 Toshiba, H000004420 Toshiba, P000556590 Toshiba, P000568420 Toshiba, PA3468E1AC3 Toshiba, R200628EU0 Toshiba, P000538800 Toshiba, V000181930 Toshiba, P000567780 Toshiba, P000651560 Toshiba, PA-1750-04 Toshiba, V000180680 Toshiba, PA5034E-1AC3 Toshiba, V000121040 Toshiba, V000121020 Toshiba, V000180690 Toshiba, V000180700 Toshiba, V000061310 Toshiba, K000076360 Toshiba, V000061330 Toshiba, K000076380 Toshiba, K000076370 Toshiba, PA-1750-29 Toshiba, K000076390 Toshiba, PA3715E-1ACA Toshiba, P000568490 Toshiba, PA5179U-1ACA Toshiba, V000061300 Toshiba, V000061320 Toshiba, P000538760 Toshiba, K000040260 Toshiba, P000538810 Toshiba, P000539280 Toshiba, P000556650 Toshiba, P000556620 Toshiba, P000567810 Toshiba, PA3468E-1AC3 Toshiba, R200625EU0 Toshiba, PA3468U-1ACA Toshiba, A000048120 Toshiba, V000180710 Toshiba, A000014020 Toshiba, V000181890 Toshiba, A000014040 Toshiba, P000538710 Toshiba, A000014030 Toshiba,

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